Maren Boedeker studied visual arts and art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster, Germany.

Her abstract, large-scale canvases have been shown in galleries in Germany, Belgium and Canada. She received the artist-in-residency-grant Liguria, Italy and was awarded first place in the exhibition "Art for Europe", curated by the European Community in Brussels, Belgium.

Besides her artistic practice, she has continuously been working with children, teens and adults as an art teacher and instructor.

Since 2013 she lives and works in Toronto. She was selected for the AKIN Studio Program 2018/19 and has moved her studio into the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto (MOCA).

About her work:

Revealing an authentic inner conversation inscribed on the canvas, Maren Boedeker's paintings at the same time pass on the process of their genesis. The source of inspiration is life itself: nature, landscapes, atmospheres, colours, sounds, textures, rhythms and the experience of painting. The concept of landscape has continuously developed and expanded; it has become less a motif but an inducement as well as a screen for artistic investigation and expression.

Using a spectrum of tools, media, and experimental techniques, she creates a complex abstract visual language. These lively constructs do not deliver a detailed depiction of visual reality. They capture aspects of physical experience, interlacing memory, and perception, but they are more than that. The paintings reveal a fascinating realm of in-betweeness, seem to be always in motion, changing, ageing, transforming, renewing similar to processes of life and time, bearing unlimited possibilities for interpretation and personal meanings.

„Maren Boedeker’s paintings remind us of the essential human expressions related to early cave art. Their rudimentary and open forms are equally precise and condensed, reaching an often unparalleled density, to a complexity legible by anyone who is willing to engage.“ (Dr. Gudrun Wessing, art historian). It is up to the viewer to be involved in the endless process of deciphering and understanding.